(+Larissa Yasmin’s Biography+Net Worth) Meet Davido’s fourth Babymama; Larissa. She dey ca….


Larissa Yasmin aka Larissa London was born in Angola. She is a model based in London. 

Larissa is also a fantastic make-up artist which is evident when you visit her Instagram page. 

Larissa is not really a social media freak. She started using social media in 2017 where she shared only 1 post. In 2018, she shared only 5 posts. In 2019, she shared only 2 posts. In 2020, she shared only her pregnancy picture, just about the time rumor broke out that Davido cheated on Chioma with her, and their relationship was over.

In 2021, Larissa shared only 6 posts, and so far in 2022, she has shared only 3 posts.

Larissa is in her 20s. She schooled abroad and graduated in 2018. She is the fourth baby mama of Davido. She birthed Davido’s second son and fourth child. His name is Dawson. Dawson clocked two in 2022. The meaning of Dawson is David’s son.

Unfortunately, Davido hasn’t spoken anything about her child as he does with the three other children.

Larissa is Davido’s baby mama that is calculating what next to do since Davido is not saying anything about her and her child. What do you all think?

Larissa’s Net Worth is $50,000

Frequently asked questions about Davido

F.A.Q- So, how many Babymamas does Davido have?

Davido has four babymamas!

F.A.Q- Who are the four Davidos babymamas? What are the names of Davido’s Babymamas?

  1. Sophia Momodu (Imade’s mother.)
  2. Amanda (Hailey’s mother.)
  3. Chioma (Ifeanyi’s mother.)
  4. Larissa (Dawson’s mother)

F.A.Q- How many kids does Davido have?

Davido has four kids comprising two girls and two boys.

F.A.Q- What are the names of Davido’s children?

  1. Imade
  2. Hailey
  3. Ifeanyi
  4. Dawson

F.A.Q-Who are Davido’s concubines?

Ah, Davido has many o. Remember David in the bible was “A Man after God’s own heart,” but he still had different women.

You see, Davido is “A man after women’s hearts!” Fullstop

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