Latest update on Frank Akpan; the killer of Job seeker- Ini Umoren; he is so remorseless and…

ini Umoren and killer
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Latest update on Frank Akpan; the killer of Job seeker- Ini Umoren; he is so remorseless and…

Orisirisi (Different) things wey person just dey see and hear concerning this Ini Umoren’s death.

As in different things that one is just hearing about job seeker, Ini Umoren’s death; honestly, most of them are annoying.

Not on the side of the killed job seeker, but, on the side of the killer, Frank Akpan. The guy di (is) so remorselessly remorseless. His lies are so fat that I am sure that if Ini Umoren had the power she would open the coffin and give him a hot slap, before consuming him.

What’s my point exactly?

Frank Akpan raped and killed Ini Umoren on the 29th of April 2021 after luring her to his evil den with a fake job interview. He picked Ini up along the Airport Road situated in AkwaIbom, Uyo. He then buried her in his den after killing her. Ini’s best friend, Umoh Uduak whom Ini had told about the interview and the venue raised alarm when her friend sent a voice note of fear and worry about Frank. She tweeted this and the story went viral. There was an instant search on Ini Umoren , and then her killer Frank was finally caught.

Now, Frank is still in police custody and he is currently being interrogated. The journalists are also doing their work quizzing him about his involvement in Ini’s death.

Guess what he said as they quizzed him?

Frank said he and Ini had consensual sex. He also said after Ini agreed to have sex with him, she asked him to use a condom, which he agreed to . However, while sexing her, he decided to remove the condom, and that led to their argument, and then her death. He also said he told her that his company was into hard drug, and she agreed to do it.”

Frank said all sorts of things about Late Ini which I assume were all fat lies. Like I mentioned earlier, he was also so remorseless like nothing can happen to him. Choi; may this guy not come out of this case.

May Ini get Justice I pray. Imagine small boy, 20 years old so wicked at that age; ah , God help parents not to be tired of speaking sense into their children’s brain nafa (in) Jesus amen. #iniumoren #frankakpan #uduak #jobseeker #airportroad #justiceforini #ogefash #ogefashblog #ogefashphotoblog #blogofthepeople #no1photobloginnigeria #translationblog Wetin you gain if you no subscribe to our Youtube channel? Oya sharpily subscribe to be the first to watch and read our juicy content. Love y’all! Mmmuah!

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