About the Movie “Lies and Crimes” plus full cast and crew

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Lies And Crimes Synopsis

Sally’s police officer husband was killed, so, she had to relocate. After Sally’s relocation, she secretly investigated the cases her husband was working on before his death. She discovered that someone was—

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“Lies and Crimes” Cast

Estella Warren acted as Sally Hansen, James McGowan acted as Charlie Danzinger, Tamara Hope acted as Kristen, J.D Nicholsen acted as Gary, Art Hindle acted as Captain Vic Bochner, Wayne Ward acted as Duncan, Joe Macleod acted as Dirk, Bruce Mc Fee acted as Chief Riddel, Debra McCabe acted as Ariene, Richard Fitzpatrick acted as Stann, Scott Gibson acted as Eddie, Wendy Lyon acted as Marcia, Adam Gaudreau acted as Garrison, Craig Stickland acted as Brad, Conor Green acted as Junkie

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