(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: Love and Lies Starring Kanayo O Kanayo, Regina Daniels, Ola Daniels, Chike Daniels,Chineye Nnebe, Miwa Olorunfemi


A young man, Benjamin (Acted by Kanayo O Kanayo) broke up with the woman, Angela, whom he loves when he discovered that she was a carrier of Sickle Cell Anemia, AS just like him.

Benjamin pleaded with Angela that they should go their separate ways because of the sickle cell disease they carry, but Angela did not want that. She wanted them to continue with the relationship, marry, and start a family.

Benjamin knowing what the outcome of their union in the future would be if they got married, pleaded with Angela to move on.

Angela did not move on, she still wanted to marry Benjamin. Benjamin however did move on. He married Ijeoma (Acted by Ola Daniels) who gave birth to only one child, a female, Sharon (Acted by Regina Daniels.)

Meanwhile, before Benjamin married Ijeoma, Angela was already pregnant with Benjamin’s child but did not tell him. Angela gave birth to a female child, Grace (Acted by Chineye Nnebe)

Day in and day out, she hoped Benjamin would return to her, and when he did not, she constantly felt sick. Angela became lonely, sick, and embittered and made her daughter, Grace bitter towards her father whom she was yet to meet.

One day, Angela died, and—-

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“Love and Lies” Cast and Crew


Kanayo O Kanayo acted as Benjamin; Ola Daniels acted as Ijeaoma; Regina Daniels acted as Sharon; Chineye Nnebe acted as Grace; Miwa Olorunfemi acted as Doris; Chike Daniel acted as Peter; Smith Onogu acted as Akeem; Smith Nwachukwu acted as Detective Sam


An Uchenna Mbunabo Production

Story/Screenplay: Prisca Okeke

Casting: Uchenna Mbunabo

Producer/Executive Producer: Uchenna Mbunabo

Associate Producer/p.m: Enoch Atakorah

Director: Chidi Chijioke


Year: 2022

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