Check out 10 beautiful actresses that are usually paired with lover-boy Actor, Ray Emodi in movies as his wife or side chic. Here is the best actress for him…


This article will provide the information you need to know about the films of Actor, Ray Emodi, and the beautiful actresses that he is usually husband to in movies. Check out their pictures in the slide below…

Who is Ray Emodi?

Ray Emodi is a 36-year-old Nigerian actor, singer, songwriter, and boxer. He is one actor that it is impossible not to notice on your television screen because of his acting dexterity, physique, and good looks.

Ray has featured in several movies, and there is no movie he features in that you won’t feel like watching over again. He somewhat has a foreign accent and plays mostly lover boy in movies. He also plays other movie roles like a thug, father, and so on.

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Ray Emodi’s filmography

  • Lovers Error
  • Games of Love
  • Taste of love
  • Quality Attention
  • Leila’s offer
  • Heaven on my Mind
  • A call from the past
  • You don’t say
  • Baby Quest
  • Beautiful love/Loving a Tout
  • Turning Tables
  • Never Again
  • A step closer
  • God’s Own Villa 
  • Animus 
  • The Gossip
  • Hook Line And Sinker
  • Happy Endings
  • My Reality
  • The Reality Check
  • Irreconcilable Differences
  • A Perfect Wife
  • Sideways
  • Tide Turns
  • Long way down
  • Violet
  • Love in a bit
  • Divorce Scheme
  • Double Crossed
  • The newly married
  • Rich guy poor guy
  • Caged
  • Out of control
  • Perfect Player
  • Love and Passion
  • The couple
  • Set Me Free
  • A Daughter’s Dilemma
  • Lies hidden in the truth

10 actresses Ray Emodi usually acts with as their boyfriend or husband in movies

Ray Emodi usually gets paired with these fantastic actresses as boyfriend or husband.

  1. Ebube Nwagbo
  2. Benita Ugochukwu
  3. Stella Udeze
  4. Onyi Alex
  5. Chinenye Nnebe
  6. Destiny Etiko
  7. Tana Adelana
  8. Sonia Uche
  9. Nazo Ekezie
  10. Luchy Donald

Who is the best actress for Ray Emodi in movies?

Honestly, it is hard to choose one. Whenever any of these aforementioned ladies act with Ray Emodi, they always look inseparable. What do you all think? 

Ray Emodi’s songs:

  • Give her ring ft Shakar EL
  • Ajaga 
  • The Youth
  • B.P
  • Night Time ft Ouma Ibrahim
  • Over Again prod by Sahara
  • Sweet Caroline prod by Ramoon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ray Emodi

F.A.Q: Is it true Ray Emodi is married? 

Ray Emodi is not married for now

F.A.Q: How old is Ray Emodi?

He is 36 years old

F.A.Q: What is Ray Emodi’s best food?

Not known

F.A.Q: Is Ray Emodi single? Is he in a relationship?

Not known

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