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lyrics, meaning and translation of the song 2 much by justin bieber
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Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. He is currently signed to Def Jam Recordings. 2 Much is the first track off his 6th studio album titled “Justice.”

What is the song “2 Much” by Justin Bieber all about?

Too much usually means something excessive. That is, to do something excessively or overly.

This is a love song. In the song, Justin Bieber talks about his e—

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Lyrics to the song 2 Much by Justin Bieber


(Martin Luther King Jr.)

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Verse 1 

Maybe I stare too much

Maybe not long enough

Funny how I forget to blink

When you let down your hair

Dancing like no one’s there

I know where I’m supposed to be


I say I love you under my breath

More times than you can digest

It’s music every time I hear your name (Oh oh)

Your head’s laying right on my chest

Sun’s up and I still ain’t got no rest


Don’t wanna close my eyes

I’m scared I’ll miss too much

Don’t wanna fall asleep

I’d rather fall in love

When I can’t feel you I feel out of touch

Two seconds without you is like two months

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