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Afro Jigga is a song by Nigerian artist, Ladipoe and he featured another Nigerian singer, Rema. Both Ladipoe and Rema are signed to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Record label.


No cap

No dabs

Yeah (Nwanne) (My brother/Sister)

But you knew that (Ladipoe)

(Ooh ah yeah)

Chorus (Ladipoe)

Punchline n-gga (Yeah)

Afro jigga (Wooh)

Nightlife killer

A scifi nigga with my sweet brown sugar (Brown sugar)

High time n-gga (Yeah)

Six whole figures (Six whole)

Ho-s wan dig am (yea) (H-es want to dig it.)

Scifi n-gga (Yeah) with my sweet brown sugar.

Post chorus (Rema)

Dem ah know say me I ball like Maradona (They know that I ball like Maradona.)

Charlie no dey mess with the bobo oh oh (Charlie, don’t mess around with the bobo.)

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