(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Again by Wande Coal.

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Wande Coal is a Nigerian artist that was formerly signed to Mavins records owned by Don Jazzy. He is now signed to “Blck Diamond” record label, a record label he owns.

What is the song “Again” by Wande Coal all about?

This is a love song whereby the artist gushes about—

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Lyrics to again by Wande Coal




Verse 1

So like water wey dey inside coconut (Like water that is inside a coconut.)

Sip after tip you gimme stamina (Sip after tip, you give me stamina.)

 Wait for you so the same time we come up 

 Me and you at the same time

I never want to leave omo (I never want to leave baby girl)

Do dance with me omo (Dance with me baby girl)

I pull up on your beach omo (I pull up on your beach.)

It’s time to swim omo (It is time to swim.)


Baby girl make you no dey lie (No lie) (Baby girl done tell a lie)

Make you tell your friends say you dey feel this guy (Tell your friends that you are feeling me.)

 No even waste time (Ah ah) (Dont even waste time.)

 ‘Cause na me you go follow ’til the day we die (Because, you will follow me till the day we die.)

 I mean why 

 I can’t wait to make your face just smile

 It’s not a lie, you set my soul on fire

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