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Portable is a Nigerian artist who came into the limelight with the hit track Zazoo Zehh remix ft Olamide. Portable features Barry Jhay in this particular song. Barry Jhay is also a Nigerian artist. Barry Jhay was formerly signed to Cash Nation entertainment. The owner of the record label is dead, and Barry Jhay was accused of having a hand in his dead.

What is the song “All eyes on me,” by Portable ft Barry Jhay about?

“All eyes on me,” means to be the center of attraction. To be the —

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Lyrics to All Eyes on me by Portable ft Barry Jhay


I can see all eyes on me

Gbogbo oju t’on wo mi (All eyes that are now looking at me)

Gbogbo eti t’on gbo mi, l’oni (All ears that now listen to me today.)

K’oma fi’re wami ri oh (Should use goodness to keep looking for me.)

 I can see all eyes on me (oh, oh, oh)

 Brother, pray for me oh (Brother, pray for me.)

 Sister, pray for me (Pray for me) (Sister, pray for me.)

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