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“All the way,” is a song by Nigerian artist, 9ice. 9ice is currently signed to Alapomeji Ancestral Records (AAR), a record label he owns.

The song features musical band- Psquare well known as Mr.P and Rudeboy.

What is the song All the Way by 9ice ft Psquare all about?

The song “All the way,” talks about —

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Lyrics to All the way by 9ice ft Psquare


All the way baba (All the way God.)


Wa ge ku ri ri (They would still talk.)

All the way baba


Ogini di (What is it?)

All the way baba (All the way God.)

You do me I do you

All the way baba (All the way God.)

Wa ge ku ri ri (They would still talk.)

Gongo aso, kutupa ooh (The drum would beat.)

Chorus (9ice)

All the way, the way

No delay, delay

We are going higher, getting stronger

All the way

Verse 1

Won’se ko’baje gbinrin mon dan bi oyin (People want things to go bad for me, but I am shining like honey.)

Won dite ala’digun kile ni mose la’gbole orin (The set a trap for me; what did you say I did in the community of music.)

All the way baba, Fadankaka l’oruko re (All the way God, Great God is your name.)

All the way baba moshi fila fun idajo re (All the way God I lift my cap (Bow) for your judgment)

No be my power, no be might (It is not by power or might)

No be by choice, na by my right (It is not by choice, it is by my right.)

Kori fun e bi ero re simi (Your wish/thought towards me did not come through.)

Ogini di (What is it?)

You can never take what belongs to me

Everlasting father glory be to thee

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