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lyrics, meaning and translation of the song as i am by justin bieber ft khalid
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Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. He is currently signed to Def Jam Recordings. “As I am” is the third track off his 6th studio album titled “Justice.”

What is the song As I am by Justin Bieber about?

“Take me as I am” means to accept the good and bad qualities of someone without trying to change them.

“As I am” by Justin is a love song. Justin sings about his —

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Lyrics to As I am by Justin Bieber

Verse 1

By myself sometimes

To give my mind some space

Yeah I know, yeah I know that it hurts

When I push your love away, I hate myself

When I tell you lies

So your heart won’t break

Yeah I know, yeah I know that I made my fair share of mistakes


Sometimes, I don’t know why you love me

Sometimes, I don’t know why you care

Take me, with the good and the ugly

Say, “I’m not going anywhere”


Take me as I am, swear I’ll do the best I can, say

“I’m not going anywhere”

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