(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Baddest boy remix by Skiibii ft Davido


Skiibii is a Nigerian artist that was formerly signed to Five Star Music. He is now signed to More Grace Entertainment; an outfit he owns.

Davido on the other hand is also a Nigerian artist signed to DMW (Davido Music Worldwide), a record label he owns.

What is the song “Baddest by” by Skiibii ft Davido about?

Although the dictionary meaning of “Bad” is something that is unpleasant, poor or wrong. But over time, people have given a positive meaning to it. 

Baddest for instance in this song may mean “To be the best, greatest, excellent, skillful” in something.

In the song, the artists basically call themselves —

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Lyrics to Baddest boy by Skiibii ft Davido

Intro (Davido and Skiibii)


Run check, oh ah

Skiibii wo wo wo woah

Verse 1 (Davido)

Bad belle lo po laye (Shekpe) (There are many haters in this world.)

Kehinde le joju Taiye (owh) (Kehinde can betray Taiwo)

Olorun ma gbe mi fun aiye (May God not surrender us to the enemy of the world.)

OBO ti gbe won sare (Oh no) (OBO has made given them a run.)

Who dey check am? (Who is checking?)

Ton ba gbemu, we go reck am (If they dare us, we would wreck them.)

Number 7 David Bechkam (Number 7, David Bechkam.)

And nothing fit to shake my mental (And, nothing can change my mental.)

Don’t come close without permission (Don’t come close without permission.)

Men dey, wey get xxxxx (There are men that have —-)

Nothing wey go gbemi condition (Nothing can put me in condition.)

xxxx xdey, I no get Alumi

Chorus (Skiibii)

Baddest boy (Baddest boy.)

Emi gan biggest boy (I am also a biggest boy.)

Now, I have chicky in my toy (Now, I have fine girls in my vehicle.)

Fine boy l’omo gan (I am a very fine boy.)

Shey you no dеy see say I no get joy (Can’t you see that I don’t have joy.)

Now, I no get joy (Now, I don’t have joy.)

And, dem dеy call me baddest boy (And, they call me the baddest boy.)

Ah, baddest boy, yeah yeah (Baddest boy, yes, yes.)

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