(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Blessings by Zinoleesky ft Niphkeys 

lyrics, meaning and translation of the song blessings by zinoleesky ft niphkeys
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Zinoleesky is a Nigerian singer that is currently signed to the “Marlians Record Label,” a record label Naira Marley owns.

Niphkeys on the other hand is a Nigerian music producer and singer.

What is the song Blessings by Zinoleesky ft Niphkeys all about?

A “Blessing,” means abundant favor and protection from God. In the song, the artist talks about how greatly blessed he has over time become after —

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Lyrics to Blessings by Zinoleesky ft Niphkeys 




Verse 1

Don’t know why I’m always thinking about tomorrow

If na my photo on change, I don’t know oh (If it is my photo on change, I don’t know.)

I’m not perfect but blessings keep on coming 

Everybody tiwa mo oruko mi (Zino’) (Everybody now knows my name- Zino)


So, for now, I’ll make do with what I have 

This blessings more than half 

You fit check me, make I laugh (You can check me, and make me laugh.)

I no go say make person matter no matter (I won’t say people’s matter should not matter.)

Me and you no get quanter (Me and you have no issue.)

Niphkeys knows I’m not like that —

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