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Here comes the 2021 famous hit song “Bounce” by Ruger on the Ogefash photoblog. This song instantly made it into our music catalog, thanks to the children in my neighborhood who always “loud it” when singing the song.

Lyrics to Bounce by Ruger ft Midas Jagaban




Verse 1

She want a gangster in her bed tonight (She wants a gangster in her bed tonight)

 She ah want me, me I know (She wants me I know)

 And man I full ground me I dey tonight (And I am fully available tonight)

 She ah calling my phone (She is calling my phone)

 Oh, she say why you so unruly (She asked why I am so unruly)

 Tell me the main reason you want ruin me (Tell me why you want to ruin me)

 Hmm hmm, the man with da ED

 Curious girl, she got questions for Siri


Wiggle dat booty and whine for me (Wiggle your booty and whine for me)

 So crazy you driving me (You are driving me so crazy)

 Girl you put it on me nicely (Girl, put it on me nicely)

 She riding it, I’m sliding in (She riding it, and I am sliding in)

 Spread your two legs slightly (Spread your two legs slightly)

 Or mama spread them so widely (Oh girl, spread them widely)

 Caribbean girl want die for me (Caribbean girl wants to die for me.)

 She haffi die for me, yeah, yeah (She can’t die for me.)


Bounce your body or we bounce you out (Bounce your body or we bounce you out)

Girlie go down, North to South (Girl go down; North to South)

Shey you gree, I no fit shout, eh eh eh ehhh ( Do you agree? I can’t shout.)

Bounce your body or we bounce you out (Bounce your body or we bounce you out)

Omo no scream, no too shout, eh eh eh (Don’t scream, don’t shout too much)

No loud am, no loud am (Don’t make it loud)

(Scope dat thing)

What is the song “Bounce by Ruger all about?

This song talks about–

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