(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: CLOUD 9 by DJ Spinall ft Adekunle Gold

lyrics, meaning and translation of the song cloud 9 by DJ spinall ft Adekunle gold
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Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian singer. He was formerly signed to YBNL, a record label owned by Olamide. He is married to another Nigerian singer, Simi.

DJ Spinall is a Nigerian Disc Jockey and producer.

What is the song Cloud 9 by DJ Spinall ft Adekunle Gold all about?

This song is quite self-explanatory. It is a song that talks about the high l–

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Lyrics to Cloud 9 by DJ Spinall ft Adekunle Gold (AG Baby) 


DJ Spinally

AG Baby

Top Boy

Verse 1 (Adekunle Gold)

I put a rollie on your dash 

Only do it ’cause you’re worth it 

Got me spending all my cash 

Make it rain like your birthday 

Baby mi jor je ka dele (Baby, please let’s get home.)

Soro soke se kin de be? (Speak out loud, should I get there…)

Skin to skin, we be reckless (Skin to skin, we would be reckless.)

Give you loving in excess


Oma, this your body oh 

I just can’t ignore

I know when I saw you

I want to explore  


Specially designed 

Your body is divine 

I no want wait tonight (I don’t want to wait tonight)

I’ll be way too high

I’ll be way too high

All the way cloud 9

I’ll be way too high 

All the way cloud 9

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