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lyrics, meaning and translation of the song die for you by justin bieber ft dominic fike
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Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer. He is currently signed to Def Jam Recordings. Die for you is the eight-track off his 6th studio album titled “Justice.”

What is the song “Die for you” by Justin Bieber all about?

The word “Die for you” means the readiness to risk your life, as well as die for the one you love in a bid to save that person from trouble.

The song also–

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Lyrics to Die for You by Justin Bieber

Verse 1

She’s a stranger to the night shift

The type of girl you only dream about

I was lost under the lights yeah

An angel in the flames, she pulled me out

Next time that I ge ge ge ge get her, I’ma tell her in every kind of way


I would walk through burning fire

Even if your kiss could kill me

You know I would die for you

Yeah I would die for you (Yeahhh )


Pain and passion, my desire

You’re the right now and what will be

You know I would die for you

The rest of my life for you


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