(+Lyrics + Translation) Meaning and Lyrics Translation of “Don’t call me” by Lil Kesh ft ZinoLeesky

lyrics, meaning and translation of the song don't call me by lilkesh ft zinoleesky
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Lilkesh is a Nigerian artist. He is currently signed to YAGI (Young And Getting It) record label which he owns. This song features another Nigerian artist, Zinoleesky who is signed to Marlians Record label.

What is the song “Don’t call me” by Lil Kesh ft Zinoleesky all about?

The artist used the three-letter words “Don’t call me” to set rules for …

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Lyrics to Don’t call me by Lil Kesh ft ZinoLeesky



It’s Young Jonn the wicked producer


Hmm hmm, hmm hmm

Chorus (Zinolesky)

I’m so geed up my bro I’m sorry

If it’s not money don’t call me

It’s been a long way coming (Skibo)

E no go make sense if you don’t know the journey (It won’t make sense if you don’t know the journey.)

I did what I promised mommy

Badman gat no worries (Badman has no worries)

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