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Mohbad is a Nigerian artist signed to Marlian record label, a record label owned by Naira Marley.

What is the song Feel good by Mohbad all about?

The word “Feel good,” means to be cheerful. 

Feel Good by Mohbad is an inspirational track. The artist inspires those that may be—

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Lyrics to Feel good to Mohbad




Imole (Brightness)

Plenty enemy (Mohbad) Wey dey follow me (Plenty enemies that are following me.)

Maje k’o mumi ( Don’t let them get me.)

Even if na dime-minute (Even at the dime-minute.)


Emi omo ghetto moti di aji lo moto (Me, a ghetto child, I have become one that wakes up to use a car.)

My grace na auto, automatic (My grace is automatic.)

Wonfe bami ya photo (They want to take a picture with me)

Emi ti gbera (On God) (I have taken off.)

Lati 4:30 (On God) (Since 4:30)
Won le, won ba ti (on God) (They chased me, but didn’t overtake me)
Won mu, won file (On God) (They caught me, but let me go.)
I drip on, jek’oduro (On pause) (I drip on, let it wait)

Imole (On God) (Brightness.)
O wa’le (On God) (You did not go down.)
(On God)

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