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Rema is a Nigerian artist signed to Mavin Record Label, a record label owned by Don Jazzy. 

DJ Neptune on the other hand is a Disc Jockey and a record producer.

What is the song “For You” by DJ Neptune and Rema all about?

This is a love song whereby the artist is pleased with —

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Lyrics to “For You” by DJ Neptune and Rema



Another banger (Let’s go)

DJ Neptune (Hit me)

Verse 1

Since I dey look you for insta oh (Since I have been looking at you on Instagram…)

Your picture dey give me ginger oh (Your picture gives me ginger.)

Girl e b you I dey sing for oh oh (Girl, it is you I sing for.)

I no fit to play you like FIFA oh (I can’t play you like FIFA)

You and your friends dem sit down oh (You and your friends sit down)

I notice say you be the leader oh oh (I noticed that you are the leader.)

Follow me make you for enjoy oh (Follow me so that you can enjoy.)

Drink Hennessy plus shisha oh oh (Take Hennessy and weed.)

Hmm astalavista oh tonight na astalavista

Hmm give me ginger oh, girl you dey give me ginger (Girl, you give me ginger.)

Hmm Chelsea Manchester oh tonight na Chelsea Manchester

Make you take am easy on me girl (Take it easy on me girl.)

Yeah ma pami hmm hmm (Dont kill me.)


Whatever you need baby girl (Whatever you need baby girl.)

I get am for you oh, me I get am for you eh eh ( I have it for you.)

I say whatever you need (I said whatever you need.)

Baby girl I get am for you eh eh, me I get am for you eh eh hmm hmm (Baby girl, I have it for you.) 

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