(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Hate me by Olamide ft Wande Coal

lyrics, meaning and translation of the song hate me by olamide ft wande coal
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“Hate me” is a song by Nigerian rapper, Olamide and he featured another Nigerian singer, Wande Coal. Olamide owns the famous YBNL record label, and he is signed to his record label. Wande Coal on the other hand is signed to Black Diamond Entertainment, a record label he owns.

What is the song “Hate me” by Olamide ft Wande Coal all about?

The artists basically brag about their net worth, which makes them—

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Lyrics to Hate me by Olamide ft Wande Coal

Chorus (Wande Coal)

She ain’t worth it

I don’t think that she’s worth it

Tell shawty better work it

Do I need to tell you what my net worth is

Ooh ooh

He ain’t worth it

Who your n-gga trying to f-ck it

Tell shawty better work it

Do I need to tell you my net worth is

They about to hate me

When I show my bank statement

They don’t hate me

WC they don’t hate me

In every hood you know they rate me

An 100 thousand dollar bill gonna take this (They can’t take me)

Oh that’s why you hate me

Shey you know one on one you can’t face me (Hope you know that one on one you can’t face me.)

Verse 1 – Olamide

Hey eh, Okay!

Hey eh, Okay!

Wo! Awon eleyi o ‘n se omo mummy (See, these are not mummy’s girls.)

Omo wa tigboro ati gbe wo foreign (These are hard street girls, and we have made them foreign.)

A’lowo atuni pumping (We have money, and we are also pumping.)

Malo se yama yama shoti gbo nisi (Don’t do anyhow, I hope you heard now.)

Comport, moti rotten (Comport yourself, I am rotten.)

Moti pe lori titi moti dirty (I have been on the street for long, I am dirty.)

Giran to di fresh no be small thing (I am that stale person that turned fresh.)

Omo toba shebi werey funi ifoti (Anyone that acts mad, slap the person.)


Pre-chorus (Olamide)

Omo mo 40 (I am 40.)

Eruku to tele mi wan to 40 (The people (fire) behind me are up to 40.)

And I don’t know the reason why the b-tches love me

I just wanna get the money kin de ma te bottom (I just want to get the money and be pressing the button.)

Cash money, get money I been flipping that

Flipping that my swag they be ripping that

But I’m Tony Montana yeah I’m rich in that

Drop gbedu komajo; won bi mi da (I drop the music, and they don’t dance? I dare not!)

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