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Ckay is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer. Isabella by Ckay is a song off his Boyfriend Album. 

What is the song Isabella by Ckay all about?

Isabella by CKay is a love song. The artist sings about—

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Lyrics to Isabella by CKay



Onyeoma, onyeoma (Goodman.)

Onyeoma, hmm (Goodman.)

Verse 1

Anytime I see you e dey sweet my blood (Anytime I see you, it sweetens my blood.)

 E dey sweet my blood (It sweetens my blood.)

 When I see your face, my face light up 

 I swear to God

 Baby girl na you be my tomato Jos (Baby girl, you are my Tomato Jos)

 Hmm, my Ghana jollof onyeoma (My Ghana jollof, good person.) 

 I cannot get enough onyeoma (I cannot get enough, good person.)

 I jim n’ölü with handcuff onyeoma (You are holding my neck with a handcuff.)



The thing dey totori me for inside my stomach (This thing teases/sweetens me inside my stomach.)

 Could it be lust or could it be true love?

 Could it be lust or could it be true love?


 Pami dey sweet pass ogogoro (Palm wine is sweeter than Alcoholic drink.)

 Could it be lust or could it be true love?

 Could it be lust or could it be true love?

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