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Love Nwantiti which is an Igbo word in Nigeria means “Small Love.” It is a song by Ckay, and he features Nigerian singer- Joeboy and Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat singer- Kuami Eugene.

What is the song “Love Nwantiti” by Ckay ft Joeboy and Kuami Eugene about?

This is no doubt a love song. In the song, the artists talk about the —

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Lyrics to love nwantiti by Ckay ft Joeboy and Kuami Eugene




Ije love ah ah ah ah

Verse 1 (Ckay)

 My baby my valentine (My baby is valentine.)

 Girl na you dey make my temperature dey rise (You make my temperature rise.)

 If you leave me I go die I swear (If you leave me, I will die, I swear.)

 You are like the oxygen I need to survive (You are like the oxygen I need to survive.)

 I’ ll be honest (I will be honest.)

 Your love dey totori me; I am so obsessed (Your love teases/sweetens me. I am so obsessed.)

 I want to chop your nkowbi (I want to eat your —-)


 Ooh love; your body dey gbaka mi isi (Your body drives me crazy)

 Ooh love; open up make I see  (Open —, let me see.)

 Ooh love; yem love nwantiti (Give me small love) 

 You dey make a bad man sin oh oh oh (You make a bad man commit sin.)

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