(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Mezebu by CKay ft Oxlade and KiDi “What does the slang Mezebu really mean?”

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Ckay is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer. Mezebu by Ckay is a song off his Boyfriend Album.

What is the song “Mezebu” by CKay all about?

The word “Mezebu,” is a slang that is widely used by musicians, Nigerian musicians in particular. Regardless of the frequent use of “Mezebu slang” in songs, a lot of listeners and viewers don’t still know the meaning.

The slang “Mezebu” means—

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Lyrics to Mezebu by Ckay ft Oxlade and Kidi



Verse 1

Oh baby

I think I drank too much

I’m texting my ex ’cause I drank too much


My head no correct ’cause I drank too much (My head is not correct, cause I drank too much.)

I’m doing crazy things ’cause I drank too much

Expressing my feelings and sh-t

Expressing my feelings and sh-t


I don mezebu

I don mezebu

I don mezebu

I don mezebu

I don mezebu

I don mezebu

I don mezebu

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