(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: No caution (Gbemidebe) by Seyi Vibez ft Bella Shmurda

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Seyi Vibez is a Nigerian singer that is currently not signed to any record label. Bella Shmurda is another Nigerian singer signed to Dangbana Republik record label, a record label he owns.

What is the song “No caution” by Bella and Seyi Vibez about?

I don’t know why the artists titled the song “No caution.” Because going by—-

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Lyrics to No Caution by Bella Shmurda ft Seyi Vibez


En en

Hmm, hmm, hmm hmmm

En en en enta

E sha ma jo oh (You just keep dancing.) 

Oh oh oh oh oh 

Eh eh eh eh eh 

Verse 1

All I want is joy 

My G show me love 

For life, give me love (For life, give me love) 

All you see na God (All you see na God) (All you see is God)

Sheb’Oluwa lo ‘n sho (Sheb’Oluwa lon sho) (Is it not God that is protecting us)

Fine boy to tun mo’rin ko gan (Fine boy that also knows how to sing well.)

Aya, aya, life na turn by turn (Life na turn by turn) (Life is turn by turn.)

If you come, I go come (If you come, I will come.)

If you run, I go run (you run, I go run) (If you run, I will run.)

Ah ah, aya, brother, show me love oh (brother, show me love) 

That is all I want (that is all I want)

Shey you like the vibe? Shey you want the vibe? (Shey you want vibe?) (Hope you like the vibe and you want the vibe.)


Dangbana, kilo n soh? Oro wa lo ‘n so (What are they saying? They are talking about us.)

Kosi caution (Kosi caution) (There is no caution.)

Kosi caution (Kosi caution) (There is no caution.)

Vibez, oya kilon so? (Kilon so?) (Vibez, what are you saying?)

Won r’oro so. (They did not see what to to say.)

Won l’oro gbo, Olorun (They don’t hear a word, honestly, to God.)

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