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Portable is a Nigerian artist. He is currently not signed to any record label.

What is the song “Ogo Forever” by Portable about?

The word Ogo when translated to English means “Glory or Glorious.”

Portable calls himself a

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Lyrics to Oge Forever by Portable



Al’oyin l’ohun re oh (I have honey and good voice.)

Dr Zehh oh (Dr Zehh oh)

Iyanu ti Zehh oh (Miracle has happened)

B.Y Ogba producer oh (B.Y the Producer.)

Emi ni were olorin, Idamu adugbo (I am the mad singer, the one troubling the whole neighborhood.)

 Zehh kan to zehh ori e oh)

Verse 1

 I believe in God my phone and sub

Any disappointment is a blessing oh

Dr Zehh oh

Iyanu ti Zehh (Miracle has happened/entered)

Won le mi bo, won le mi bo (The are after me, they are after me.)

Mosare wonu Mosalasi (I entered the mosque)

Moyabara mo wo Churchi oh (I entered the church.)

Kolorun gbe mi ni ja oh (May God defend me.)

Iya to je baba ko ma jomo (Ko ma jomo oh) (May a child not suffer what the father suffered,)

Owun lo difa fomo ika (He is the one that judges the wicked.)

To fi lo join xxxxx gang oh (Lo rich gang oh) (That went to join xxxxx gang.)


 Jiji ti mo ji (When I woke up)

 Ire lo bami ji (Blessings woke with me.)

 Jiji ti mo ji (When I woke up)

 Ayo lo bami ji (Joy woke up with me.)

 Aje ko wa mi ri (May wealth look for me.)

Kan ma fowo pe mi oh (May they be using money to search for me.)

Ewo oh (See)

Oju lari, ore o de nu (Eye service, no truthful friendship.)

Moya bosi koro oh, mo b’Olorun mi soro (I quickly hid myself in the corner, and talked to God.)

Wipe k’ose temi nire oh (He should do mine to be good as well.)

Oh oh oh oh oh

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