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Bella Shmurda is a Nigerian artist signed to “Canny Consults for Oneworld Global record.” He is also signed to his record label, “Dangbana Republik.”

Fiokee on the other hand is a Nigerian guitarist from Akwa-Ibom.

What is the song Personal by Fiokee ft Bella Shmurda all about?

In the song, the artist talks about living his life and doing things the way he wants and not —

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Lyrics to Personal by Fiokee ft Bella Shmurda


Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Shmurda yeah

Jay Pizzle Production 

Yeah, yeah yeah

Fiokee yeah, ah ah  


I be livin’ my life the way I want it (I will be living my life the way I want it.)

No, don’t stress me 

You feeling some pains?  

Brother, don’t blame me 


Say, don’t take it personal 

Anything I do, I do it out of love 

Brother, don’t be stingy now 

Give to the poor 

Tonight share some love

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