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lyrics, meaning and translation of the song pour me water by kizz daniel
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Kizz Daniel is a Nigerian artist that is signed to Fy Boy inc record label.

What is the song “Pour me water” by Kizz Daniel about

Pour me water is a love song, but, an unrequited love (One-sided love.) The artist, Kizz Daniel is the one deeply in love, and he is hurt that the love he has for his significant other is not reciprocated. The lady he loves is only in the relationship because of the money she wants to be collecting from him and nothing more. The artist reveals in verse two that even sex with her is paid for despite the fact they are in a relationship.

To however console himself, as well as get her off his mind, he says he would find someone else.

What does the word “Pour me water” mean in this song?

In the context of this song, pour me water means to leave someone helpless, needing, hopeless, dissatisfied, drained, or weighed down.

Lyrics to Pour me water by Kizz Daniel




Verse 1

I don high like this (I have gotten high)

I don dey drink anything I see (I am drinking anything I see)

I never prayed for this ( I never prayed for this)

I never knew it could end like this (Oh no) (I never knew it could end like this)

Girl, if you’re done with me (Girl if you are done with me)

Oh baby, biko, just set me free (Mad) (Oh baby, please set me free)

‘Cause I don dey craze like this (Cause, I am already crazy)

For your love, I dey lose my senses (For your love, I am losing my senses)


Fine boy like me 

Fine boy like me

Don’t call me cheap, girl, I worked for this (This, this)

Girl, I worked for this

And I promise you, I will find someone

Someone new

Make you no pour me water oh, oh ah (Don’t pour water on me)


Make you no pour me (Pour me (Kole)) (Don’t pour water on me (It is not difficult))

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