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Power Rangers is a song by Nigerian singer, Teni. Teni was formerly signed to Shizzi’s Magic Fingers records before leaving. She is currently signed to Dr. Dolor Entertainment.


Na me be Cinderella oh oh oh, na you be Superman, oh baby. I for come kiss you where you dey. (I am Cinderella and you are superwoman; I would have come to where you are.)

Na you be Drameta oh oh oh, na me be Sonita oh oh oh (Oh baby yeah yeah) (You are Drameta and I am Sonita.)

I for come meet you where you dey.

So tell Ifeoma; who be Ifeoma oh, eh eh? Ifeoma no love you like me (So tell Ifeoma, who is Ifeoma self? She can never love you the way I love you.)

Deola; who be Deola oh, eh eh? Deola no love you like me. (Deola; who is Deola self? She can never love you the way I love you.)

So what is the song Power Rangers by Teni about?

This is a love song whereby the artiste wants the full commitment, love, and attention of her partner. She is crazy about…

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