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lyrics, meaning and translation of the song show my side by ckay ft amaarae
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Ckay is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer. Show my side by Ckay is a song off his Boyfriend Album. The artist featured Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Amaarae.

What is the song “Show My Side,” by Ckay ft Amaarae all about?

Show my side is a song whereby the artist desires —-

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Lyrics to Show My side by CKay ft Amaarae


Shawty shawty wa gbe, gbe, gbe…

Coolu my temper de, de, de…

I need your loving every day

I need your body in every way, uh

Pull up at my loca-ca-ca-tion

Pull up at my loca-ca-ca-tion

Come make I chop your occupation, oh girl (Come, let me eat your work)


Baby, show my side, baby, show my side

Baby, show my side, baby, show my side

Baby, show my side, baby, show my side

Or I fit show your side, baby, I don’t mind

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