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Badboy Timz is a Nigerian artist. He was formerly signed to the “Anonymous Music” record label. But his contract was terminated after a subsequent issue with the owner of the record label.

Lyrics to Skelele by Badboy Timz ft Olamide


Shock wan bakan oh, Olorun (It shocked them somehow.)


Semzy l’ose beat (S’emzy produced this beat.)

Verse 1

Normally, Cynthia can’t complain

But, see as she dey look my face now (But, look at the way she is looking at my face)

‘Cause she see my ex for my FaceTime (Because she saw my ex on my FaceTime.)

And she wanna catch a case (And she wants to catch a case.)

Na why she wanna come my place now (That’s why she wants to come to my place.)

Scatter the whole arena (And scatter the whole arena.)

But, I go still touch her waistline (But, I will still touch her waistline.)

Baby, make I sample your baseline (Baby, let me sample your baseline.)

This sound, e go cause trouble for your ear (This sound would cause trouble in your ears.)

You go see danger, you go fear (You would see danger, you would be full of fear.)

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