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T.I Blaze is a Nigerian singer currently signed to Dvpper Record Label. The remix of the song features Olamide. CLick the link below for the remix.

What is the song “Sometimes” by T.I Blaze all about?

The artist in this song laments about an endless —

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Lyrics to Sometimes by T.I



They call me T.I Blaze


Everyday man have been knocking (Everyday man is working.)

Everytime man have been working (Everyday, man is working.)

The grinding wan tire me (Grinding is tiring.)

But I no fit quit hustle for mummy (But, I can’t quit hustling because of my mum.)


Sometimes food no dey give man joy (Sometimes, food doesn’t give man joy.)

But Canadian life, the feeling is different

Amoye checking but no lose guard (Despite different checkings; but, don’t lose guard.)

Loru loru lafin boshe (At midnight we hustle (The use of Laptop to siphon funds from people.)

Why life com hard? (Why is life hard?)

And man no wan to do bad (And man doesn’t want to do a bad thing.)

Cause I no wan suffer later (Because I don’t want to suffer later.)

Na everytime I dey sad (It is everytime that I am always sad.)

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