(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Wallet by Seyi Vibez, DJ 4Kerty and Rexxie

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Seyi Vibez is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is not currently signed to any record label. 

DJ 4kerty is a Nigerian Disc Jockey and producer signed to Zanku records owned by Zlatan. Rexxie is also a Nigerian Disc Jockey and a producer.

What is the song “Wallet” by Seyi Vibez and Rexxie about?

The song is about someone—

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Lyrics to Wallet by Seyi Vibez and Rexxie


Rexxie wo’le, o por gan (Rexxie enter, it is so much.)


Shey 4Kerty wa kere ni? (Is 4kerty small?)


(Big Vibe)


I’m living my life, ko kan’yan (I am living my life, it doesn’t concern anyone.)

But, still on still, o por gan (But still, it is still so much.)

Wire my wallet, ko tan’no (Send money to my wallet, and let it spark (credit alert).)

I still dey shakitibobo (I am still posing)

Post chorus

Rexxie wo’le, o por gan (Rexxie entered, it’s so much.)

Grammy boy ton tan’no (Grammy boy that sparkles.)

All my Lagos boys, o por gan (All my Lagos boys, it is so much.) 

My Lagos girls, won tan’no (My Lagos girls, sparkle.)

Vibe boy, o por gan (Vibe boy, it is so much.)

This kind gbebu make me nor-nor (This king song make me happy)

Credit card ton tan’no (Credit card that is sparkling.)

Oya, s’ashe gb’ope ko tan’no (Work/hustle, collect thanks (money), let it sparkle.)

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