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Zazoo zeh is a street slang song by Portable and the original featured Slimcase. Portable further did a remix of the song featuring Olamide and Pocolee which became an instant hit.

Portable is currently signed to no particular record label but he is been managed by different people like Kogbagidi, Pocolee and Slimcase.



Ara adugbo (zeh) (The whole neighbourhood)

Tuntun ti de oh (zehh) (New song has arrived)o

Zazoo (zeh)

O por l’eti (zeh) (It is much in your ear)

O ye k’eti magbo (zeh) (You should have been hearing it)

Portable, Baddo, gbemi tabaye (zeh) (Portable, Baddo; take me…)


Baddo sneh (zeh)

Pepper sneh (zeh)

Many many were wa nle (zeh) (So many mad people are around.)

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(+Lyrics + meaning + translation) Music review: Zazoo Zeh by Portable ft Pocolee and Olamide

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