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Nigerian singer Sound Sultan was known fos r his dexterity in songwriting. Some of his songs greatly criticized bad governance in Nigeria. He died in 2021 at the age of 44. This song features M.I

M.I is a Nigerian singer signed to Chocolate City, a record label he owns.

What is the song 2010 Light Up by Sound Sultan ft M.I all about?

This song is a call to Nigerians to arise and revolt, renounce, reject, protest against—

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Lyrics to 2010 by Sound Sultan ft M.I


When we ask our Government o, when dem go give us light (When we ask the government when they would give us light)

Dem say na 2010, we don dey wait 2010 since then (They said 2010; we have been waiting for 2010 since then.)

But now the waiting must end (But now, the waiting must end.)

Cause 2010 don show oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 

oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 


I want to be like Moses eh

Show my people dem to the promised land (Show my people to the promised land.)

But then I notice something eh, people wey try am don dey underground (But then, I noticed something, that people that tried it are now underground (6feet.))


I see dem I ja (I saw them, and I took to my heels)

Look dem from far (Looked at them from afar.)

Me I fear these Government people (Me, I am afraid of this Government people.)

Rise up Naija (Rise up Nigeria.)

Raise ur apa (Raise your hand.)

Tell them you are tired of the evil 

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