Mavin Records “Chapter X” Album Tracklist “View the most and least featured Mavin artist”

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To celebrate “Mavin” Record Label’s 10th Anniversary, Mavin CEO, Don Jazzy alongside his record label signees, Rema, Crayon, Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, Magixx, Boy Spyce, Johnny Drille, Bayanni, DJ Big N released an album titled “Chapter X.”

“Chapter X’ is a ten (10) track album, have you listened to all the songs? Which is your favorite? Feel free to share with other readers, thank you.

Who was the most featured Mavin artist? Who was the least featured Mavin artist?

Feel free to click the link below to keep reading, the most featured and lest featured artist in Mavin “Chapter X” Album, thanks     

Here is Mavin’s “Chapter X” Album tracklist

1. Alle ft Rema, Ladipoe, Crayon, Bayanni, Boy Spyce, Magixx, Ayra Starr
2. All I’m Saying ft Crayon, Johny Drille, Don Jazzy, Ladipoe, Bayanni, Boy Spyce
3. Ogini na fio ft Crayon, Don Jazzy, Ladipoe
4. Won Da Mo ft Rema, Ladipoe, Crayon, Bayanni, Boy Spyce, Magixx, Ayra Starr, Johny Drille
5. Amina ft Rema, Ayra Starr, Bayanni, Crayon, DJ Big N
6. Overloading ft Crayon, Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, Magixx, Boy Spyce
7. Losing You ft Johnny Drille, Crayon, Magixx
8. Won le le le ft Ladipoe, Magixx, Crayon, Bayanni, Rema, Boy Spyce
9. Jara ft Bayanni, Don Jazzy, Magixx, DJ Big N
10. You ft Boy Spyce, Johnny Drille, Don Jazzy, Magixx, Ladipoe
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