(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: Memory- Starring:Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Ray Stevenson, Monica Bellucci, Mia Sanchez

memory movie

What is the movie Memory all about?

A hitman, Alex Lewis (Acted by Liam Neeson) suffering from Dementia (loss of memory) writes on his hand to enable him to remember things.

Alex was a hitman for a popular real estate mogul, Davana Sealman (Acted by Monica Belluci). Aside from Davana’s real estate business, she and her son, Rany Sealman (Acted by Josh Taylor) use women as s-x tools.


One day, Alex decided to retire from his job as a hitman. He told Mauricio (Acted by Lee Boardman). Mauricio was working for Davana. He was the one directing Alex on the clients to kill. Mauricio however did not want Alex to retire.

Mauricio gave Alex another hit job to do at El Paso, more like his final hit job. He was to kill two people, a man, and a female minor, Beatriz (Acted by Mia Sanchez). Alex killed the man and recovered flash drives from him. He however could not bring himself to kill the minor, Beatriz. She was just 12.

Meanwhile, FBI task force led by, Vincent Serra (Acted by Guy Pearce), surrounded Beatriz and her father’s house after it was gathered that he used his daughter, Beatriz as a s-x tool for wealthy people. Beatriz’s father tried to evade arrest and died in the process. Beatriz was taken away. 

In the place where Beatriz was kept, another hit man carried out the job Alex refused to do. The hitman was sent by Davana Sealman since she wanted to elude justice for her son who was sleeping with the minor.

The killing of the minor, Beatriz angered Alex, who started killing all Davana’s hit men that were connected to her killing. He also killed Mauricio. When he was about to kill Davana, he found out that there was no more bullet in his gun. Bruised Alex was caught and then taken to the hospital where he was receiving treatment.

At the hospital, Davana attempted to kill Alex, but he managed to escape. Alex connected with Vincent Serra who asked for the information that would help arrest Davana. Unfortunately, Alex couldn’t remember where he kept the flash drives. But when Vincent Serra mentioned a word, he was able to remember where he kept the flash drives. 

Would the flash drives be helpful? Would Davana be arrested? Find out more here

Memory Cast and Crew


Liam Neeson acted as—

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