Mike Bamiloye finally replies “awa” actress, Georgina Onuoha, plus the real reason she insulted him!

georgina onuoha and mike bamiloye
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The real reason “awa”  Nollywood actress, Aunty Georgina Onuoha insulted Mike Bamiloye

Watch the video here- https://youtu.be/kWdx9A2Mh3k

It seems like people are now trending when they insult people or don’t mind their business.

What other reason would Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha have come out to insult the Founder and President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries and Mount Zion Television, Mike Bamiloye if not that she wanted to trend? 

She wanted to trend quickly, but it went offside; as in, it did not work.

Yoruabas say “Kilagbe, kileju” As in what exactly did Mike Bamiloye say to warrant all those insults from her?

Basically, I think some people just have a different understanding of the word feminism.  Georgina has her own different understanding about feminism, likewise Mike Bamiloye.

In essence, people should not use their own meaning of “feminism” to attack another person’s meaning of “feminism.” And if you check am well; these attackers are either single ladies, ladies that have divorced or ladies that are self contained.

Please, try to first of all, understand a  person’s meaning of feminism before you attack.

For instance, Georgina did not know that what Mike Bamiloye was basically saying was that “A wife earning more than the husband doesn’t make the wife head of the family”

This is true; she may be the one shouldering the responsibility of the house at that moment; but she is not the head of the home; women need to understand this. This is even clearly stated in the Bible.

Mike Bamiloye was kicking against women trying to level with their husbands, not women trying to level with men.  He advised women, especially single sisters not to join the feminist movements. According to him, the feminist movement will make them miss the will of God for their lives. He further advised that the married ones shouldn’t join them either, if they want the best out of their marriage. According to him, the feminism wants to contend the head of the home.

So, he has a point. He mentioned a point and gave a reason for it. 

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“Men and women may be equal; husband and wife are not equal.” And that is the true. The bible has made the man the head of the family, so why contest for that space. Earning more doesn’t make a woman the head of the family; women need to understand this.

Please o, the above words by Mike Bamiloye, do they warrant insult; ewo wa ni ebu? (what is the insult for?). Abeg clear road.

Georgina  even went ahead to do an Instagram video to confirm that she actually insulted Mike Bamiloye in order to get lots of views. But guess what; the video suffered views. Ela!

 “I used to think she has something upstairs…but after reading this her post that insulted Mike Bamiloye, nah nah. I grew up watching her films (No be say she senior me like that; give or take may be two years) to hear her vomit such nonsense about Mike Bamiloye’s simple post is sickening.”

Mike Bamiloye’s reply

Mike Bamiloye gave Georgina Onuoha a “mum” reply #ogefash #georginaonuoha #mikebamiloye

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