More pictures from MoBimpe and Lateef’s Wedding, this wedding looks like one of them wanted more…

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This Mo Bimpe and Lateef Adedimeji’s wedding ehn; it seems like one person really wanted more paparazzi than the other.

If you watch their wedding clips very well, there is a possibility that MoBimpe did not really want something loud. But the wedding ended up becoming so loud.

What do you all think?

Well, while you ponder on what to say, I really hope and pray the union lasts forever.

Mo Bimpe kukuma said in the past that she wouldn’t marry a popular guy, but someone on a low-key. The reverse is however the case.

Wait o, is she a Muslim or a Christian? It seems to me that she was born a Muslim, but converted to a Christian, and now, back to Muslim after marrying Lateef. I hope the switch genuinely came from her heart so there won’t be any issue in the future.

I also hope Lateef Adedimeji will not form the habit of wanting to be the only one to talk in an issue that demands both to talk. Take for instance, they both shared a video where they thanked everyone for their presence and contribution to their successful wedding. In the short clip shared on Instagram, Lateef did most of the talking.

Mo Bimpe barely talked.

What do you all think again?

Meanwhile, after watching some clips, there seems to be too many fake smiles. Awon f’oju femi ma f’okan femi (Eye service love or love of pretence; not from the heart.

What do you all think?

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