About the movie “My Boss My Ex” plus full cast and crew

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My Boss My Ex Synopsis

Sophie (Acted by Onyii Alexx) was Alex’s (Acted by Ray Emodi) ex but also his boss. Sophie was ready to make Alex suffer for all she went through while they were dating, even if it means washing her panties..

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“My Boss My Ex” Cast

Ray Emodi acted as Alex, Oyin Alex acted as Sophie, Maurice Sam acted as Femi, Naomi Okonkwo acted as Shade, Tijesunfemi Davies acted as Chris, Akpata Farouk acted as Mr. Johnson, Osareme Gloria acted as Patricia, Joy Ebuka acted as Gold, Mojibat Ibrahim acted as Chika, Chris Chukwuemedua acted as Office Staff 1, Eze Comfort acted as Office Staff 2, Chinonso Onicha acted as Bar Girl.


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