(+Full Cast + Crew) Netflix Series “Blood Sisters” Plot Summary. Starring Deyemi Okanlawon, Nancy Isime, Ini-Dima Okojie, Kate Henshaw, Ramsey Noah, Gabriel Afolayan, Genoveva Umeh


“Netflix Series,” Blood Sisters Plot Summary

The movie “Blood sisters,” tells the story of two closest friends, Kemi Sanya and Sarah Duru (Acted by Nancy Isime and Ini-Dima Okojie respectively) that have taken each other as sisters. Kemi and Sarah since childhood have always been there for each other through thick and Thin. They always have each other’s back and advise each other.

One day, Sarah and her husband to be- Kola Ademola (Acted by Deyemi Okanlawon) had a big fight on their wedding day. This was because Sarah broke up with him on their wedding day based on domestic abuse. Kola was abusive. He was a woman beater, and even beat Sarah on their wedding day.

But, Kola was not willing to be embarrassed so he attempted to strangle Sarah. Luckily for Sarah, her bosom friend, Kemi, who had earlier advised her to rethink her decision about settling down with Kola walked in. Kemi tried to release Sarah from Kola’s grip, but she couldn’t since he was more powerful than her. Kemi seeing that Sara was at the point of death quickly picked up Kola’s gun and shot him.

One bullet and Kola landed on the floor dead. The two friends, Kemi and Sarah, became apprehensive. Not willing to be the next latest prisoner, so, they devised a means to save their lives. They hid Kola’s body in the bathroom. 

All the wedding guests got worried about the groom’s disappearance. His mum, Uduak Ademola (Acted by Kate Henshaw) was however not worried as she felt her son Kola finally listened to her advice and walked out on Sarah since she never liked Sarah or her parents, Uchenna and Ifeanyi (Acted by Uche Jombo and Keppy Ekpenyoung) because of their poor background.

Hours after everyone had dispersed and the whole place quiet, Kemi and Sarah thought of what to do next. To compress Kola’s body, they dismembered his body starting from his head. They put him in a laundry bag and moved him to the car park tip-toeing so that no one would catch them. 

They managed to get to their car and threw Kola’s body in the car trunk. A photographer who witnessed their action took a picture of them. Sarah and Kemi found a field, dug a pit, and threw Kola’s body in it, covering him with sand.

After a few weeks, Kola’s dismembered body was found where Kemi and Sarah buried him while the inspectors were on a search with their dog. The Hotel CCTV where the wedding was supposed to hold was watched, and more stories about Kola’s death surfaced. Kemi and Sarah were discovered to be the culprit. Their findings were relayed to Kola’s mum, Uduak. Kola was Uduak’s favorite child, she neglected her two other children, Femi and Timehin (Acted by Gabriel Afolayan and Genovah Umeh), even though Kola was not the legitimate son of her legal husband. Uduak had had an affair with her ex-boyfriend (Acted by Zack Orji) who chose his career over her. When Uduak’s husband found out about her infidelity, she killed him.

So, the uniformed men’s findings put Kola’s mum, Uduak in pain. She paid her bodyguard, Uncle B (Acted by Ramsey Noah), and bribed the uniformed men led by Inspector Tijano (Acted by Segun Arinze) to find Sarah and Kemi, and then, hand them over to her. Only Inspector Joe (Acted by Wale Ojo) did not collect bribes from Uduak. He felt there was more to Kola’s story than meets the eye. 

While on the run, Kemi and Sarah bumped into ugly situations, and they had to do unpleasant things to keep surviving. They had robbed a funky guy (Acted by Derenle Edun) of his car. 

Kemi and Sarah while on the run were helped by a gentleman, Dr. Adebayo (Acted by Tope Tedela), and his female partner. Seeing how famished they were, they gave them food. Unknown to Kemi and Sarah that Dr. Adebayo was an organ harvester. He planned on removing their organs and leaving them dead. When help came Kemi and Sarah’s way, their male friend helper was killed by Dr. Adebayo.

Kemi and Sarah were able to escape Dr. Adebayo. They ran to a nearby village where the villagers have been ordered not to step out that day, they narrowly escaped death that night via the help of a village woman (Acted by Toyin Ajeyemi), who offered to accommodate them only for a night. Kemi was badly injured, but the village woman treated her.

The next morning, Kemi and Sarah headed to Kemi’s grandma’s house (Acted by Joke Silva) and hid there. Finally, at Kemi’s grandma’s house they were able to relax, but not for too long as Uncle B and the police caught up with them there.

The police handed them to Kola’s mother, Uduak who wanted to kill them herself. Uduak then instructed her remaining two kids, Femi (Acted by Gabriel Afolayan) and Timehin (Acted by Genoveva Umeh) who were desperate to own the family’s company to kill Kemi and Sarah.

Uduak offered the company as a reward for whoever was brave enough to kill Sarah and Kemi. Femi wasn’t brave enough, so Timehin, her drug addict child offered to kill the ladies.

Uduak gave Timehin the gun, but, rather than kill Kemi and Sarah, she killed her mum’s bodyguard, Uncle B, her brother, Femi, and his wife, Olayinka, after which she pointed the gun at her mother.

Would Timehin pull the trigger? Find out below-

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