Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Never put Adsterra Advert code on your site, Google would de-index your site and…

Before inserting that Malicious code on my site, I wish I had someone to say to me “Ogefash, never put Adsterra Advert network code on your site-”

Just may be, I would have listened to the person, and my blog, would not be facing the numerous technical issues currently being faced.

So once again, if you are contemplating adding the Adsterra code on your site as a means to make revenue, please don’t.

Last year, l re- inserted Adsterra code on my major blog- Ogefash photo blog/ after numerous pleas from the team for me to do that because they saw the booming traffic my site was experiencing. Little did I know that their code was infectious or better still, it was a malicious code.

My site was instantly downgraded. Good de-indexed my site. My ranking so dropped. My blog doesn’t pop up again on search engines like it used to when people search for contents. The only thing google has of my site are tags. Google is finding it difficult reading my site. Numerous technical issue notification on my Google search console, as in too many errors on my coverage report.

Their code made Google unable to crawl most of my pages, too many issues with our major translation blog , . The issues were too frustrating that I had to just abandon the blog for a while. Ogefash photo blog @ is currently being fixed, but, we have still not been able to come through. I really hope help comes our way to help get the blog fixed and restore its glory. Ogefash photo blog is one of the major translation blogs all over the world.

Guess what? As soon as Adsterra noticed all these issues, and have succeeded in ruining my site, they removed their advert from my site. Phew! Phew! Phew!

The 41dollars I made was taken by them.

We are not giving up @ogefashphotoblog @ , we hope to bounce back, soon and better.

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Here is what I have to say about this ...

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