New details surface about the 21 years old University student, Chidinma that murdered SuperTV CEO, Michael Usifo. Investigation reveals that…

chidinma adaora ojukwu and michael usifo ataga
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New details surface about the 21 years old University student, Chidinma that murdered SuperTV CEO, Michael Usifo. Investigation reveals that Chidinma Adaora killed Michael Usifo because…

This is really so sad. Honestly, the parents of this lady, Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu that murdered Super TV CEO, Michael Usifo, must be going through so much pain, and tears of sorrow rolling down their cheeks.

More tears would have been gushing from their eyes the moment the police stormed their house at a popular area in Lagos Mainland, Alagomeji, to arrest her.

To think that Chidinma actually lied to her parents that she was going for an ushering job just to hook up with a man, Usifo in a short-term rented apartment would even shatter her parents more.

Parents need to really be watchful, “Ifura l’ogun agba” that is when you suspect something is about to go wrong around you, act swiftly; don’t wave off suspicions, please.

Also, parents, when your children say they are going for an ushering job, make findings, get details, because it may not be an ushering job o. She may be ushering someone into his or her death.

Also, parents, please provide for your children. Find money to provide for them, If you don’t provide for them, they will find another alternative to be provided for and trust me, it is usually not something legal.

Ah, this Chidinma’s story is what Yorubas say “Obi ti f’idi j’ona” which literally means “Parents loss.” This is really sad!

So to the main story

A young student of about 21 years, from Arochukwu in Abia State, Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu is currently trending in Nigeria and across the world for the murder of the CEO of Super TV, Michael Usifo Ataga.

Michael lived in one of the biggest areas in Nigeria, Banana Island, and was murdered few days before his 50th birthday.

Before Michael’s death on Sunday, 20th June 2021, he was declared missing by his NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) manager wife, Mrs. Usifo on Sunday, June 13th, 2021 who was preparing big time for his 50th birthday at Abuja.

Michael was supposed to return to Abuja where his family is based for the big celebration. However, he quickly hooked up with 21 years old Chidinma at a short-let apartment; an apartment searched for by Chidinma and paid for by Usifo to have a swell time with her before returning to his family. Unfortunately, Micheal was unable to return to his family as his life was cut short by Chidinma during their sexual fun.

After Chidinma was finally arrested, she revealed to the police that her friend linked her with Michael four months ago.

According to Chidinma, when they were in the apartment they rented, they were drinking, smoking, and having fun together. She also went out to get food for them to eat. After so much mun, and consumption of drugs and alcohol, she became tired. However, Usifo was not tired as he wanted more from her which she couldn’t give to him because she was too weary. This made Usifo become violent. Chidinma noticed his violent look and then allowed him.

They soon returned to their drugs and alcohol. Since Chidinma wasn’t happy about how Michael went about the first one, she decided to sit far away from him. But Michael went to her and asked what the problem was. Chidinma told him that she was not happy with what he did earlier She further told him that she was not happy also because he doesn’t assist her financially.

This made Usifo hand Chidinma his ATM card and also disclosed his pin, giving her the liberty to withdraw whatever amount she wanted. Usifo became violent again, and an argument ensued between the duo. He hit Chidinma’s head on the wall and she retaliated. He was choking her when they were at the kitchen cabinet, she then stretched out to the knife and stabbed his neck.

She instantly went to the ATM to withdraw 380,000 and then returned home. According to Chidinma, she killed Michael under the influence of drugs, and alcohol as they were both high that day. She also said she withdrew the money to sought her school bills.

What y’all think?

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