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Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty aka Nicki Minaj is one-quarter Indian.

She was born in the Saint James district of Port of Spain on December 8, 1982, to parents of mixed origin.

Her father, Robert Maraj hails from Indo-Trinidadian origin while her mother, Carol Maraj is of Afro-Trinidadian descent. Nicki Minaj grew up in New York City.

She is a songwriter and rapper known for eye-catching and bright-colored costumes. She is also an actress, model, wife to Kenneth Petty, mother to Papa Bear, and philanthropist.

Some months ago, she was off the music scene as well as social media. She took out time to take care of her newly wedded husband, Kenneth Petty, and her son, papa bear.

During her absence, it seemed like her rival, Cardi B, took over her space, and her fans diverted to Cardi’s page. However she has returned, and her return into the music scene equally returned her fans back. So, she has taken over her fans back from Cardi B in that aspect.

She has also dropped about five tunes after her return. They include: Seeing green, Fractions, Tusa, For the love of New York, and Beam me up Scotty.

Beam me up Scotty has officially become the highest-charting re-released mixtape from a rapper in hip hop history. This Nicki Minaj revealed to her millions of fans.

View her exact words below:

“I love you guys so much. Thank you. Can’t wait to share my album with you real soon. I have to say this. Don’t care who takes it the wrong way #beammeupscotty no singles #seeinggreen is over 5 mins with no hook. Singles now are 2-3 mins, catchy hook, #Fractions is just rapping for over 3 mins, no hook) no videos (which is always the biggest push for females, myself included), no RADIO, very little play listing due to a surprise release (artists get over 100 playlists for big launches) no Tik Tok challenges (which has become EXTREMELY helpful to all artists, love the app, btw, no merch to tie into sales, AND NO PRE EXISTING singles out to add to MY FIRST WEEK SALES. SO THIS MAKES IT MEAN MORE TO ME, cuz, it really just boils down to having the best FANS ON EARTH THAT rode with me 12 YEARS LATER. Thank you Republic, Full Stop, Holiday, Deb, Fendi, all the artists and producers for CLEARING the songs so my babies could FINALLY enjoy this on STREAMING SERVICES, and drizzy and weezy for those iconic verses and being there for ya girl. s/o @skillibeng all my Caribbean ppl STAND UP”

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