Nigerians “fly off the handle” over President Buhari’s newly commissioned program

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Nigerians “fly off the handle” over President Buhari’s newly commissioned program

Nigerians have again criticized the 75 Billion Naira Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) program undertaken by the Buhari-led government. NYIF was recently established to create millions of opportunities for Youth. The Youth are however not buying into this program as they feel it is another avenue for the government to loot the country’s resources.

So, as soon as the president shared pictures of the commencement of the program, they “fly off the handle (get angry), and hurled insults at him.

View Buhari’s post on NYIF below

“We recently established a 75 billion naira Nigeria Youth Investment Fund. (NYIF) as part of our commitment to creating opportunities for the youth of Nigeria. On this occasion of international youth day, I urge all our young people to take advantage of these opportunities #IYD2020 “

View some of the insults hurled at the president below.

@emma21gst: Bubu, you dey cash out steady oh

@M_slim07: 600 years for you and your generation

@john_dollar_omolaso: Buhari; I can’t judge you, but I leave you for God

@Mahbub_ad: This wasn’t what Youth want. We are not expecting you to be sharing food for us, we expecting Youths great leadership in the next future elections. Damn you!

@harryehi: Bubu, give me my own share

@Isr_with_samdoz: Kai: I don’t know who lies more in sai baba and layi

@seyi_a: Useless man; it is now you know youth; ode oshi, damn you

What y’all think? What do you think about this new project? Is it another avenue for the leaders to loot the country’s resources?

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