“NUPENG Monday strike!” Which country can I travel to with 100K?

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I am not joking o, please which country can I travel to with 250 dollars or 100k?

Ah, please I am reiterating again, which country can I travel to and start a new life with 100k, so I can start saving towards the 100k. “Nigeria” my country has become very expensive to live in, and the Nigerian government very insensitive to my plight and the plight of most citizens of the country.

Even me that I am blogging, I don’t have savings (Even the 100k, I don’t have it), no data, (No data to blog frequently self), there is no food in my house self; there is so much inflation in food, goods and services.

In the past few months, there has been no increment in fuel price, but the prices of food, goods and services are skyrocketing day in day out.

This crazy increment started after the #Endsars protest, and there is no representative of the Nigerian Government giving reasons for the this ridiculous increment or putting an end to it.

Even Nigerians are tired of complaining, what they are doing now is enduring pain and hardship, while so many Youths are going into crime. So many ladies are now into prostitution, and most guys want quick money via thievery, yahoo yahoo, ritual and other dubious means. Awon okunrin ti ‘n jale gan (Guys are now stealing); a lot of them. They are becoming so brutal. Imagine the Osun Bank robbery where they wasted lives, even after still carting away with a huge sum of money successfully. You have taken the money you want; so why kill?

To now mane matters worse, Nupeng, Nupeng, Nupeng, an acronym from “The National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas” now said the workers would be going on strike, and the tanker drivers would withdraw their services all over Nigeria starting from Monday, 11th October, 2021 because of the despicable state of the roads in Nigeria. Kilo sele gan gan (As in what is happening na?)? Ah ah, do they want to decimate this country and the citizens? Bad roads di (is)synonymous to Nigeria, likewise corruption; no be new thing!

There is no fuel increment in the past few weeks, but there has been increment in prices of all things in all the markets in Nigeria. So, if NUPENG now goes on strike, and filling stations start hoarding their fuel or sell at a ridiculous amount (which I know will be the case), so what then would happen to prices of food, goods, and services that have been going up without any reason?

Ah! Oluwa e ma gbawa! (Come save us Lord!)

God, who did we offend in this country?

Lord please, I am tired of this nation and the government, come and take me to a better country!

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