(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “Omugwo (Crazy Mothers-In-Law),” Starring: Patience Ozokwor, Ngozi Ezeonu, Justice Sleek, Georgina Ibeh

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 (+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis (Plot Summary): “Omugwo (Crazy Mothers-In-Law),”: Starring: Patience Ozokwor, Ngozi Ezeonu, Justice Sleek, Georgina Ibeh, Amaechi Anaekwe

What is the movie “ Omugwo (Crazy Mothers-In-Law),” all about? Here is the “Crazy Mother In Laws,” movie synopsis

“The Crazy Mother In Laws,” is a Nigerian comedy drama. The major actors in the movie are Patience Ozokwor who acted as Funke, and Ngozi Ezeonu who acted as Ukamaka.

Ngozi Ezeonu produced the movie.

The movie was about Funke (Acted by Patience Ozokwo (senior) and Brenda E Ndukwe (junior), and Ukamaka (Acted by Ngozi Ezeonu (senior) and Gold Kalu (junior.))

Funke and Ukamaka used to be best friends when they were living in Ibadan. Their friendship came to an end and the 2 parted ways with so much hatred and anger for each other.

Years after, Funke and Ukamaka united, not as friends, but as —

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“Omugwo (Crazy Mothers-In-Law),” Cast and Crew

“Omugwo (Crazy Mothers-In-Law),” Cast 

Patience Ozokwor acted as Funke, Ngozi Ezeonu acted as Ukamaka, Justice Sleek acted as Mike, Georgina Ibeh acted as Loveth, Amaechi Anaekwe acted as Okoli, Bamidele Udemmadu acted as Olugbenga, Phil Daniels Aniedo acted as Ojiugo, Brenda E Ndukwe acted as Young Funke, Gold Kalu acted as Young Ukamaka, Precious Lawrence acted as Amina, Edafe Uvwie acted as Ben, Purity Franklin acted as Baby, Mercy Ofor acted as Anna, Abdulazeez Ayuba acted as Customer Village, Linus Joseph acted as Taxi Man Village, Ijeoma Daniel acted as Akunna, Imobhio Moses acted as Doctor, Anugboru Stephen and Ikemchukwu Somto acted as 2 Guys.

“Omugwo (Crazy Mothers-In-Law),” Crew

Story: Joy Steve

Screenplay: Ikenna Donald Ekwuibe

Producer: Ngozi Ezeonu

AD/Script Supervisor: Imobhio Moses

Film Editor: Nwaogu Emmanuel (Young Master)

Director: Fidelis Okoh Oselenge

Year: 2022                      

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Thriller

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