Too Many Outdoor restaurants! Won’t Indoors restaurants fizzle out?

too many outdoor restaurants, wont indoors restaurants fizzle out
too many outdoor restaurants, wont indoors restaurants fizzle out

If your job requires you to work outdoors rather than indoors, you would agree with me that there is a high increase in outdoor restaurants.

What are Outdoors Restaurants or Dining?

Outdoors restaurants are more like street restaurants or restaurants that are outside, some with a canopy, or umbrella, but definitely without structures or buildings. You can find more than five outdoors restaurants just on a short street. 

Their cuisine is usually the type that is quick to make. Some make spaghetti and chicken or barbecue, noodles and egg, others fried yam, potato, and akara otherwise known as bean cake, and so on.

Some just do pastries like shawarma, burger, and its likes

What are Indoors Restaurants or Dining?

Indoor restaurants on the other hand are restaurants that are with beautiful structures or edifices and terrific furnishings in the building. They are usually located in a commercial area. Interestingly, they also sell all the aforementioned that those outdoor restaurants sell.

It may interest you to know that these outdoor restaurants are set up by people who decided to employ themselves after searching tirelessly for jobs but did not get one. They studied what people usually ordered in indoor restaurants and decided to make them cheaper, attracting lots of indoor restaurants customers to their outdoor restaurants.

So, since this is the case, don’t you all think this will make indoor restaurants fizzle out over time?

What do you all think?

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