(+Reactions) The latest update on Owo-Ondo worshippers’ attack by terrorists


There was a brutal attack on worshippers on Sunday at St.Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo at noon. The mass was about to end when the terrorists arrived and shot at the worshippers. 

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The latest update on the attack is that a mass funeral was held for the victims, and the victims have been buried.

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President, aspiring presidents, and celebrities react to the Ondo State Massacre! View Twitter reactions 

@Presidencynigeria:  President Buhari mourns the dead, condoles with their families,the catholic Church, and the Government of Ondo State, charging agencies to swing into action.mand bring succor to the wounded. He condemned the heinous killing of worshippers on Sunday at the St. Francis Catholic Church, Owa-luwa Street, Owo Kingdom,in Ondo, State.

@Presidencynigeria: No matter what, this country shall never give in to evil, and wicked people, and darkness will never overcome the light. Nigeria will eventually win, “the President says.”

@Atikuabubakar: I pray that someday, very soon, we shall have a lasting solution to these painful episodes. AA

@Atikuabubakar: I condemn the attack on the St. Francis Catholic Church, Owa-Luwa Street, in Owo Council area of Ondo State capital. My prayers are with the people of Owo, especially the families of the deceased. I do hope that the state government and the relevant security agencies will leave no stone unturned in apprehending the criminals and bringing them to justice. I condole with the body of the catholic faithful in Nigeria.

@Peterobi: What happened in Owo today again adds to my position that our country is fast becoming a failed state. All must now join hands in saving our country from this existential situation we find ourselves in today.

@Rugedman: You met him crying and supported him. Now, all Nigerians are crying.

@Phynofino: Obodo a anyigo

@Ruger: Maybe we should get guns instead of his fvcking pvc. To hell with the country!

@Skiibii: Lemme be honest with you, nobody is safe in this country.

@Temsbaby: Tired honestly

@Fireboy: Sad and tired. When does it end? May God comfort the families of those lost and the people of Ondo State.

@Cuppymusic: Merciful God, please, comfort and protect your people in pain.

@Tekno: Pray for Nigeria

@Asa: We are not angry enough.

@Davido: This is too much

@Davido: Jesus take control…Pray for Nigeria, RIP to all the lost souls.

@Adekunlegold: As it stands, 2023 is looking like our last chance to get it right as a nation. I hope we will vote for a better future, I really do.

@Adekunlegold: People’s fathers, mothers, and kids all dead like that; I am really stressed.

@Mr.Macaroni: Don’t die for a politician.

@Mr.Macaroni: Killings upon killings in Nigeria. It is happening simultaneously in the South, West, East, and North. How many of these criminals have been apprehended? What exactly is the government doing to secure the lives of Nigerians apart from offering condolences every damn time.

@Mr.Macaroni: Please, if you are around Federal Medical Center in Owo and there is anything you can do to help survivors, please do. They are looking for blood donors.

@Reno: Amotekun is no longer an option, it is a necessity. A vital necessity.

@Adedotun: Nowhere is safe, be it at home, farm, office, church, hospital, school, or market.

@Borntoknack: That’s the pain. To scare people from going to church.

@Mbah: That Catholic Church video at Ondo State is very sad and heartbreaking to watch. What has Nigeria turned into?

@Morris: “I hereby condemn,” “I hereby condemn,” na how we take reach where we dey so. Zero action, 100 condemnations.

@Ogefash: Just one person terrorizing Nigeria and Nigerians, giving attack orders to terrorists, with our stolen money. God, expose them, and make them powerless today in Jesus’ name, amen. God, abeg o!

Frequently Asked Questions about St. Francis Catholic Church attack

What happened at St. Francis Catholic Church?

Gunmen attacked worshippers at St.Francis Catholic Church during their second mass. They came in around noon when they were about to round off the mass. It was the first Sunday of the month, so the church was filled to the brim. The worshippers, gorgeously dressed came prepared to give their monthly thanksgiving to God oblivious of the looming danger.

The gunmen who disguised as worshippers, first of all, threw an explosive device after which they started shooting at the congregants.

Who is St. Francis catholic church officiating priest? 

The officiating priest at the St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo is Reverend Father Andrew Abayomi.

What happened after the attack at St. Francis catholic church?

The worshippers were in a pool of blood. It was gathered that one of the gunmen was caught.

Have they really caught any of the gunmen?

This is not verified, so it may be that our informant shared the assumption with us.

Where were the wounded victims taken to?

Both the dead and severely injured victims were taken to the Federal Medical Centre and Saint Louis Hospital, Owo.

Where is St Francis Catholic Church located?

Saint Francis Catholic Church is located at Owa-luwa Street, Owo, the headquarters of the Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State. It is the hometown of the state Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu.

How many people died in the Owo-Ondo State, St. Francis Catholic Church Massacre?

Over 50 people were killed in the massacre. They were mostly women and children

Image source: Daily post

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