Don’t be scammed with a smile! Always watch the reading meter, these petrol attendants are dishonest and…

petrol attendants are scammers, and here are their cheat codes or methods
petrol attendants are scammers, and here are their cheat codes or methods

Who is a Petrol Attendant?

A “Petrol Attendant” or a “Filling Station Attendant,” or a “Gas Attendant,” is any man or woman 

that usually pumps or sells or fills fuel or any lubricant or any machine-driven product at the filling/gas station.

What else do Petrol Attendants do aside from pumping fuels?

Aside from receiving payment and pumping fuels, a petrol attendant also renders cleaning services, checks the air pressure in vehicle tires, checks the levels of vehicle oil, and so on.

Are Petrol Attendants trustworthy?

Honestly, 88.8 of them are not. Don’t be scammed with their broad welcome smile. Ensure you always check the reading meter whenever you go and buy fuel or any lubricant in other not to be cheated.

You won’t believe what happened the other day I was outdoor.

Three girls carried a big keg to purchase fuel at the filling station. They chatted away, trusting the petrol attendant to sell what they had ordered. However, the meter of the petrol attendant did not start ticking from the beginning, it continued from where the last buyer’s reading meters ended. 

In essence, instead of the petrol attendant meters starting to read from 0 Naira or 0:000, it continued from 700 Naira, the total petrol worth of the last customer. 

The female customers were oblivious of this.

Why should you be observant at the Petrol/Gas/Filling station? What is the Fuel Pump Cheat Code?

  1. The meter may be faulty to cheat unsuspecting customers and make them get less of the product.
  2. The meter may start reading even before the fuel starts pumping.
  3. They fiddle with the reading meters to sell short of what you ordered.
  4. Petrol attendants continue pumping fuel from where the previous customer’s reading meter ended. In essence, if a customer reading meter ended at 1000 Naira, instead of starting afresh at 0 Naira for the next customer, they would continue from that 1000 Naira.

Don’t be too chatty at the filling station, ensure you are observant!

Feel free to share your experience!

They are ready to wreck you

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