Pictures from Rita Dominic and Fidelis Anosike’s White Wedding and the estimated cost

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Honestly, you can’t view all these wedding pictures and not agree that money is good.
“Biko, ego dinma nwannem,” is what my Igbo brethren in Nigeria would say which translates to “Please, money is good, my brother/sister.)

This couple must have spent millions of millions on this wedding. In fact, they must have spent an estimated amount of $32000 for the occasion.

Ah ah, just negodu nu (see) the outfits, pieces of jewelry, gbogbo (all) other accessories, the venues, the cuisine, the caliber of people at the wedding and so on. The logistics nwannem, odi (is) certainly expensive.

My bad, forgive me, let me introduce the couple in case you didn’t read the headline.

I am talking about the beautiful Nollywood actress and the founder of the Audrey Silva Company, Rita Dominic, and her husband, Fidelis Amosike. Fidelis is the founder of Folio Media Group.

The two walked down the aisle on Saturday, 26th, 2022 in North Yorkshire, England. Their traditional wedding was on Tuesday, 19th April 2022 in Aboh, Mbaise, Imo State at Rita Dominic’s late father’s compound.

On Rita Dominic’s bridal train were Kate Henshaw, Michelle Dede, Vicky Sogunro, and Olivia Waturuocha.

Here is the @ogefash team wishing the couple a blissful union. 

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